Sunday, November 24, 2013

Redemption. A Birth mom's Perspective.

Redeem: to make (something that is bad, unpleasant, etc.) better or more acceptable
We have been purchased at the greatest cost, 
and what has fallen to the ground in ashes can be made beautiful.

Adoption is complex. 
There is no perfect solution.
 Someone's greatest sorrow became my greatest joy, yet there is another side to the story. 
When adopting we not only adopted our Eliana, we adopted a family. 
K has become family. 
We fight for her and love on her as if she was our own flesh and blood. 

Adoption has a redeeming value. 
In a situation where two families are faced with life altering decisions, 
one decision can changed everything. 

By the grace of God, we were put together with K. 
Two worlds collided and were forever changed. 
In her moment of crisis, we became an answer to her deepest prayers. 
In our desire to grow a family, she became our answer to years of prayer and crying out. 

Earlier this week I asked K to write...
Write on what adoption has meant for her. 
Below is what she sent me. 

The impact that Brian and Jen have made on mine and my kids's life has been nothing short of incredible. 

They are a God send. God really and truly works in mysterious ways. 
He has been behind the scenes ever since our initial contact via phone. 
Whenever I have doubts or concerns about the outcome of a situation that I have felt I had no control over he reveals himself in his perfect timing. 
That is why it was so important that Brian and Jen stepped in when they did when I was pregnant with Eliana.  
Im always reminded of the love and compassion God has for me. 
He really cares and loves me so much.
 Enough to bring Brian and Jen into my life. 
They immediately knew that I was very much in need of their help after talking and visiting with me. 
Even though neither of us beforehand knew each other were even on the planet. 
God had prepared for our paths to cross. 
I felt as if I was at war with myself. 
As if I was in defeat but Brian and Jen came to our rescue. 
My rescue. 
Because of Brian and Jen God reminded me that there are true genuine unselfish people still out there. 
Brian and Jen needed Eliana. 
Eliana needed Brian and Jen. 
Life is all about miracles and answered prayers. 
God has superceeded and singlehandly fulfilled all of those promises I mentioned above. 
I had no idea that by meeting Jen I would soon find out how true and genuine a person could be. 
I don't ever have to worry of her judging me and I want to be influenced by her because she loves Jesus. Shes an awesome mommy and great with kids. 
She's done nothing but shown me love from day one. 
She's a go getter and it reflects in everything she does. 
We have so much fun together! My kids adore her.
 Jen and Brian are the glue that just mended everything together. 
We have a bond so close to each other. 
Brian is one of the coolest people I know.
 He loves Jesus with a passion. 
And pursues him everyday. 
Always has an encouraging word to give. 
Knows the bible like the back of his hand. 
He loves being a dad. 
I am glad he has the energy and patience it takes to raise a child. 
He fits the description of being a dad to a tee.
 Brian and Jen have reassured me time and time again that God keeps his promises toward his children if you are obedient and faithful and trustworthy. 
Brian and Jen are my miracle. 
They were the answer to my prayer.

Written by : K on November 23, 2013

I am thankful for a loving Savior who has given us all we need in order to walk out the journey.
By no means were we the "Savior" in this story, Jesus was. 
As we've felt our way through this open adoption, we have made lots of mistakes. 
We've made every effort to bring our precious K to the feet of Jesus time and time again. 
She has willingly been obedient to the Lord, and her life is a testimony to his goodness.
Our lives are a miracle. 
There are so many miracles that have led us to where we are today. 
For us adoption has been interconnected. 
It has been the redeeming silver lining. 
It's brought hope into hopeless situations. 
Each adoption story is different. 
There is no "right" way to adopt...
But this is our story.
Written by God
and lived out by us.