Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby Dean #2 Update

Hi friends. 
An update is in order. 
I keep coming back to a blank page and feeling a bit  overwhelmed at the prospect of even attempting to update, but I will give it my best shot. 

First off. I would like to answer some questions and make it clear as to what we are doing and why.

Why Adoption?

Adoption is the heart of God. 
The new testament is drenched in the heart of adoption, 
as we are adopted ourselves into the family of God. 
Adoption is a physical representation of God's heart. 
Living out our first adoption with Eliana has only increased our understanding of
our own adoption into the family of God. 
We as a family feel called to adopt.

Now, I understand that these waters can seem a bit muddy for some people. 
I have found that there has been a misconception that people ONLY adopt because they're infertile.
 Adoption can be seen as a solution to infertility. 
The idea of this actually is quite bothersome to me. 
The reality is that both Brian and I are infertile.
 For us, finding out this news from the doctor simply confirmed our calling. 
We had already felt the calling of God upon our lives to adopt. 
Adoption does not "fix"our barrenness. 
It simply is an instrument of God's glory:
A way that God has used our story of ashes and woven beauty into it. 
Even if God chooses to open my barren womb, 
we would still choose adoption as a part of our story. 
Infertility has been a gentle confirmation of God's calling. 

With adoption, two broken stories collide and by God's grace something beautiful emerges. 

Why domestic Infant Adoption?

Did you know there are nearly 153,00,000 orphans worldwide?

The Numbers

  • Total estimated number of orphans worldwide:  153 million
  • Estimated number that have lost only their mother: 34.5 million
  • Estimated number that have lost only their father: 101 million
  • Estimated number of “double orphans”:  17.8 million 
    (Source:  U.S. Government “5th Annual Report to Congress on Public Law 109-95 and affirmed byUNICEF)
  • Number of caring adults it takes to make a life-long difference for an orphan:  1

As Brian and I prayerfully considered all the types of adoption, 
we were continually drawn to domestic infant adoption. 

There are many types of adoption out there, and all are vital!
The reality is that there is a need for families for children across the board. 
Internationally, there are children in orphanages waiting for a family to call their own. 
Domestically, there are about 104,000 children waiting in the foster care system eligible for adoption and waiting for families. (www.adoptuskids.org ). 
There are over 600,000 embryos frozen in the United States 
and there is domestic infant adoption.
All of these avenues of adoption desperately need people who are willing to say yes... 
Yes to go or yes to support. 

Daily women in the United States find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation, 
an unplanned pregnancy.
These women are faced then with the decision to keep or abort the baby. 
Domestic Infant Adoption provides an opportunity for a mother to choose life for her baby. 
We have found through our own adoption experiences that 
we have the opportunity to be a source of hope to mothers who are in this crisis situation in their lives.

Brian and I have a huge heart for these women, 
and we consider it a great honor to have an opportunity to love them with the love of Christ and offer hope in a hopeless situation.
Eliana's birth mom is family to us. 
"He sets the lonely in families" (Psalm 68:6). 
When we adopt an infant through open adoption, we are adopting a larger extended family as well.
We become the answer to one another's prayers. 

SO...this is the route we are taking this time to grow our family. 

Who are we adopting through?

We are adopting through an agency in California called Nightlight Christian Adoptions. 
We chose this particular agency because we love their heart. 
They love birth moms. 
They love open adoption, 
and they love Jesus. 
We love that expectant parents are counseled before, during, and after their pregnancy. 
We love that they are committed to finding families for babies not babies for families. 

Where are we in the process?

We have just completed our home study process. 
What is a home study?
Home studies are part of the lengthy process that is required to become an adoptive parent. 
In a nutshell....
LOTS and LOTS of paperwork. 
Lots of Reading. 
Lots of Writing. 
Lots of footwork. 
Home studies are required in order to legally complete an adoption in the United States. 
The goal is mainly to ensure that children are being placed in safe, healthy homes. 

At the beginning of April, we plan to become an active family. 
This simply means that we will be available for an expectant parent to choose us. 
We have created a profile and expectant parent letter that birth parents look at.
From there, an expectant parent can choose to meet us and potentially choose us 
to parent their child. 

Each adoption is different, and we have no idea how baby dean will come into our family. 
We could find out the day of...
We could find out months in advance and have the opportunity to develop a relationship with an expectant parent beforehand...
We could wait for days, weeks, months, or years. 
We don't know.
Adoption is a wild ride. 

Nonetheless, we move forward in faith. 
We are confident in our calling, and we are willing to walk out what love looks like. 
We are so very thankful to be an instrument of God's love and hope. 
May HE receive all the glory, honor, and praise for our story.

To be continued...

Stay tuned to hear our word over this adoption, hear some crazy God stories, and to watch God provide in BIG ways. 

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