Tuesday, April 8, 2014



Today marks 8 years of marriage for us. 8 years of doing life as one. I love the life God has graciously allowed us to lead alongside each other. Each day doing life with you is such a gift. We've built so many memories together since first meeting in 1999. They say hindsight is 20/20 and looking back, I can without wavering say that God knew we needed each other.

We have walked out so much of life together...we've trudged through some deep, muddy waters. Marriage united us, joined us together as a team. I'm so thankful that we have managed to remain a team through the trenches. We've managed to recognize that we are not each other's enemy and who our enemy is. We fight for each other. I love that when one of us is lagging, struggling, we mule pack the other on our backs and march on. We stand in the gap for each other and march on towards all that God has called us to; when we are both full of faith, watch out world, we are a force to be reckoned with. "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Life has been a beautifully awkward dance of faith. We definitely dance, and we are definitely awkward.

Thank you for leading our family as Christ leads the church. Thank you for taking your role in our household seriously. You do it so well. Thank you for listening so closely to the Holy Spirit and his leading... even when he's speaking through me. Thank you for being humble enough to say I'm sorry when we get caught up in a moment of frustration. Thank you for loving Jesus as you do... your faith astounds me and keeps my wavering heart steady. I so appreciate how you walk in your authority as a son of the most high God, and you are not afraid to speak to the wind and the waves and tell them to "be still."

I love that we've in essence grown up together. We made the transition into adulthood...So much of that filled with growing pains, finding ourselves, finding our identity in Christ. I feel honored to have walked that out with you. I'm thankful for the season of life we are in now... as a family, we are leaving and cleaving to Jesus at a greater degree and becoming fully reliant on his leading and guidance. Thank you for holding my hand as we walk through the walls of water on either side...walking towards the promised land, trusting big with me. As scary as this all is, I would not want to do it with anyone but you.

I'm so thankful for your passion. I'm thankful for your sense of humor...thankful that we find each other hysterical. Even at our worst, when all else fails, we can make each other laugh. I'm thankful for your steadfastness... You very rarely waiver in unbelief. Your faith and convictions are strong. They carry us through the waves and wind, when they are big and seem to be overtaking us. You cover us as a little family and gently lead us forward. I'm thankful for the way you serve our family. From staying up late to help out with the dishes, to being the most incredible daddy I've ever met, to making dinner when you come home and my eye is twitching, you serve our family...pour yourself out to be poured out again and cheerfully.

Thank you for loving big with me... I've heard it said as "refusing small love." Together we choose love and trust that love always wins. When all seems confusing and the way unsure, love always wins. Thank you for wiping my tears when love hurts bad and patiently waiting for my heart to come around again.

Honestly, my love for you is so deep that I could write for days. Life is a wild ride, and I would dare to say ours has been super wild. I am so thankful that with you we can throw our hands in the air, laugh with our heads back, and do this life right... life deep in Jesus, deep in abundant grace, and unfailing love. Here's to at least 70 more celebrations of marriage!

Love you bubby.

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