Monday, August 12, 2013

3 years. 4/8/09

My Bubba,
Three years ago today...I had the great honor of becoming you wife. In these past three years, I have not only found myself to be your wife but helpmate, best friend, lover, companion, shoulder to lean into, and so much more.

I remember our wedding day...I was up the entire night before, begging God to let me sleep, but I was just too dang excited. I was definitely ready to be your wife. It was a long time coming, and I was ready to jump in two feet first. The morning of our wedding I was so sick, from a lack of sleep and with the excitement of it all.
I look back and am so excited that we were able to see each other before the wedding. We threw tradition out of the window, and it worked amazingly. As you stood at the cross, with your back turned towards the ocean, my nervousness disappeared. I had a strong urge at that moment to tackle you and tickle you, but I resisted :) I remember coming up behind you and covering your eyes from behind, and you turned to see me for the first time. I knew by looking in your eyes that I was beautiful.
Look at the picture below...that is a picture from our rehearsal...the last time we saw each other before becoming one.
These past 3 years have been just that...a process of us becoming more and more unified in our oneness. When I made that commitment to you on April 8, 2006, I made a promise to become one with you...It has been more than I could have asked for or imagine. Our wedding was amazing...I could care less that the video didn't work...all that mattered was you. I had my mind set and nothing was going to get in my way. I have never had a day where I felt more giddy than that day. I was jumping out of my skin in joy...I nearly bounced off the stage at one point:) Our reception was the BEST! We had so much fun...there was dancing galore (the shower, the worm, dancing to jazz music). It was a dream come true.
Thank you for being the husband that I always dreamed of. I remember drawing up one of those lists of all the things that were a requirement for my husband. You fit the bill: must not snore, must not have bad B.O., and "tall, dark, and handsome". I love the way you make me laugh. We both are kids at heart and will do anything for a laugh. I love that one of our favorite past times is to make faces, hence the number of pictures we have with distorted faces.
I love the way you leave notes on my spot in bed or in my car weekly just to remind me how much you love me. I love the way you text message me every morning to tell me that you love me. I love that you think I'm beautiful even when I gain a few extra pounds or wake up on the wrong side of bed. I love the way you love me!
Thank you for putting up with me. A strong willed, pig headed, goofball, who acts like an annoying big sister at times. Thank you for loving me even when I jump out at you from around the corner because I know you startle easy just so I can laugh. Thank you for moving the furniture back into it's place just because you know that it annoys me when things are out of place. Thank you for understanding my bubble. Sometimes I have a big space bubble, and you still love me...even though you don't have a bubble:)
Thank you for your devotion to Jesus and your determination to lead our family into miraculous things. You are the real love Jesus more than anyone I know. I know we always say this to each other, but it is so true..."I would not want to do this journey with anyone else." Sometimes I thank God that we both can't have babies on our own...We would have both faced this, no matter who we married, but I am thankful that we can cling to each other through this...that I get to walk with you. I love you more than the mountains and the seas and the oceans. You are my love...Here is to 97 more years of marriage!


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