Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Engagement 4/6/09

One of our Engagement Shots by a friend in LA.
So....I know that you are all absolutely dying to know how he finally popped the question. It was in September of 2005. We had been dating for 4 years now, and I was more than ready to see this thing moving forward. He came home for the end of the summer for 2 weeks before his quarter began again, and he had decided that it was time to buy me a ring. He researched and looked the entire time and finally bought the ring on a Friday. He led the woman who was selling him the ring to Christ...not kidding you...She was in tears...the real deal. Anyway, he went directly from buying the ring to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. If anyone knows my dad, you know he is a sales man #1 and #2 he knows me really well. Of course, my dad said yes, and he then encouraged him to ask me sooner, rather than later. He said..."What about this church?" I think Brian nearly pooed his pants. My dad convinced him because he knows how hard I am to surprise. I am the queen of figuring out plans and asking too many questions. When I sense something is up, I will dig deep until I figure what is going on. Anyway, Brian agreed this would be the best plan.

From my understanding, these were the three most excruciating days of Brian's life... he had permanent poopie pants and could not stop thinking about what he was about to do. Sunday roles around...I have no clue by the way... We go to church. I remember that the worship was amazing that day. They were serving communion that evening, and I was taking my sweet old time getting back to the communion table. I stopped to say Hi to everyone and their mom. I remember Brian pushing me a long and trying to hurry me, and I remember thinking, "Geese, What's his problem?" Apparently, my parents were in the back, and he was doing everything in his power to make sure I did not see them. We returned to our seats...Brian sat on the end, two seats from me. I thought he was just being a weirdo, so I just let him be. He was trying to get me to scootch over, but obviously, I was not getting the clue. We sang..."Grace Like Rain," and I was worshiping my heart out, completely unaware that Brian was now hunched over ready to barf beside me. Nonetheless, the service ends.

At the end of each service, they always had a benediction, where the pastor prays for the congregation. Tim invited up Brian to do the benediction. I thought this was slightly odd, but I still had no clue. He began speaking and was in general talking about the church and it's role in our relationship development....I am sitting there still clueless, until he says..."And this is why I wanted to do this in front of all of you." He looks straight at me. The light bulb turns and badaboom badabing I finally get it. He was proposing! Holy junk monkeys!

He told me that it would be his honor if I would take him as my husband...he loved me more than the mountains and the seas and the oceans...blah blah blah...I don't remember anything else because I was crying. Of course, I finally said yes. BTW, I was wearing the most hideous outfit in the whole wide world that day. I had my hair in a pony tail and was sporting the hot pink "eat at joe's" t-shirt. Anyway, there was much rejoicing and hugging. My parents appeared...I cried harder. Everyone was crying. It was splendid.

We went to coffee bean to regroup...My parents sat in the KOO KOO ROO's next door and watched us :) We spent 15 minutes regrouping going... holy crud you're my fiance...holy crudded some more, and it was time for him to drive back up to San Luis Obispo. It was a crazy night and the perfect engagement!

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