Monday, August 12, 2013

Brought to My Knees. 6/10/09

The strength of a woman...
I have always thought of myself as a pretty strong woman...what do they call it?
Oh Yes! Someone who can roll with the punches.
No matter how hard things get I will remain standing.
No Matter how much crud is thrown in my face I will wipe it off and continue moving forward.

The Lord has been gently speaking to me about this area of my life.
You I said in my earlier post...I want to be seen as a woman of great strength.
Yet, the strength I often stand is my own.
I bare down, grit my teeth and barrel forward.
I think a part of it has to do with my choleric temperament :p

The Lord has been showing me that this is not strength...
In fact, it is my weakest area.
Trying to move forward in my own strength...
Trying to show that I can handle it.
Have a stiff upper lip (Isn't that another of the sayings?)

The truth is that I may look like it on the outside.
I may look like I have it all together.
I may be the poster child for enduring difficult circumstances,
BUT I do it proudly...
with a proud heart.

The Lord is humbling me.
Not forcing me to my knees.
But through my circumstances...
Beckoning me.
Gently guiding me to a very humble place.

You see that the Lord exalts the humble.
The person that realizes that they can do nothing apart from God.
God made me very capable...
able to endure a lot on my own,
but he allows these circumstances so I might surrender...
realize I cannot do this on my own.
This is a weight, a burden I was never meant to carry.
These circumstances have literally brought me to my knees.

Not because I have to,
but because I am willing to bow down.
Let the Lord be my strength.
I am surrendering the control.
Surrendering the need to see the end result.
Surrendering the heavy responsibility.
Surrendering the financial burden.
Instead I am allowing the Lord to gently bring me to my knees
and take it all.

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