Monday, August 12, 2013

Fries in the Air 3/23/09

Where did we leave off? Oh Yes...Hawaiian boyfriend...I came home right before my second year of college started. That night my mom picked me up from the airport; I was desperate for something other than rice, spam, and poi. We made our way to In N Out...Lo and behold. Who was there? BRIAN! That's right Brian Dean was right there with a bunch of our friends. Both of our jaws dropped, and I immediately began to chat it up with the girls. The girls started teasing me saying, "I bet you came back with a Hawaiian boyfriend..Huh?" My reply, "Well, Yes, errrr...actually...yah." Brian steps forward at this point looks straight at me and rolls his eyes. (Now, if you know Brian at this day I have never seen him roll his eyes is highly uncommon). I was thinking to myself, "Geese, what's his problem?"

Things went back to how they were before we both went away. We did everything together...we were "best friends." Really, that is all we were...the guy wouldn't even hug me! He hugged everything else that had arms and a body but not me :( During this time, I was realizing more and more my motivations behind my relationship with "Hawaii Boy," and I was beginning to feel quite a bit discomforted with the idea of continuing the relationship. Novemberish came around, and Brian and I were hanging out with some friends at the beach. Brian and I hopped down into this dug out picnic bench and were chatting for quite a long time. It was during that time that I shared that I was breaking up with "Hawaii Boy."

Little did I know that Brian had made a decision: if I was to ever become single again, he was going to make a move and not miss out on the opportunity. Really, he didn't waste much time. Two weeks after breaking up with the other guy...we weretaking a jacuzzi at his house with two of our good friends, and Brian out of the blue says, "You know I never hug the girls I really like!" Seriously, I was confused. Up until this point, I truly had no confirmation that he was interested in me in that way.

One week later...He asked me out. According to him, he kept looking for opportunities to ask me, but none seemed to pop up. Being the romantic he is:), he ended up asking me to be his girlfriend at In N Out... in the parking lot. We were both so nervous. At some point, I flailed my arms up in the air and sent my fries flying all over the car.
We were officially "A Couple."

To Be Continued...
Note: I do realize that our story is very will just have to enjoy the ride. It was a long one.

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