Monday, August 12, 2013

First Doctor's Visit. 9/22/11

We took Eliana home the 25th of August, and she had her first doctor's appointment the day after. It was her first official outing aside from our 3 hour drive home. She weighed in at 8lb.5oz. She left the hospital at 8lb.3oz., so she was gaining weight back. yay!!!

It was crazy because in the doctor's office was the first time that we ever saw Eliana really cry. Literally she hadn't cried, except for right after her birth. Pretty wild! She did not like be cold and naked on the doctor's scale.

I brought a blanket along, not thinking about which blanket would be best. The blanket I brought was not the softest, and it just added fuel to her fire. Brian swept her up though and whispered in her ear...said something like, "sweet Eli Belly, just imagine...imagine your are in the western sierras, dead of winter, you have a wool blanket on are warm." She calmed immediately. Go figure. Note to self: talk to her about being in the mountains when she is upset.

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