Friday, August 23, 2013


We have a BIG Announcement over here at Barren Made Beautiful!

Ms. Eliana will be a big sis!!!

I thought it'd be appropriate to announce our starting the adoption process on her second birthday!

Eliana told me "Baby Grow in my Belly" 

Since we all know that won't be happening for a long while, 
we are praying fervently for Dean Baby #2's Birth mama. 

More Details to come this week...

This is the website to follow us along on our journey.

Be prepared for an adventure... 
Through  my writing you'll catch a glimpse of my soul,
and you will be able to hear the heart of a mama who has trudged through the muddy waters of infertility
into the beautiful world of Adoption. 

We are overjoyed and excited to meet Dean Baby #2! 


  1. Could not be happier to hear this news!!!!!! Love to you all and a very very happy birthday to the beautiful Miss Eliana!!! Can't wait for more details!!!!!!!