Monday, August 12, 2013

Cold Turkey. 1/9/10

As you obviously can see, writing has not been easy for me as of late. 
I haven't blogged for 3 months now. 
In some ways, I have stopped writing in order to compartmentalize...
break life down a bit, so I can get back to the basics. 
In other ways, I have not written in order to not think.
Shut down a bit.

Since finding out the news from the doctor and starting our new adventure, 
I have been much more wary to put my thoughts, words, heart...on paper. 
It is very vulnerable for me. 
A peek into my heart, soul, the depths of me. 
In order to protect my heart, which had been deeply wounded, 
I just quit cold turkey.

Cold Turkey is highly over-rated! 
It worked for that season, but I am in a new season now. 
It is time to write again.
Hope again...
Share my heart, life again...
Believe the best for my life again...

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