Monday, August 12, 2013

Faces. 6/16/09

I have been thinking about faces lately...
Thinking about the unfathomable creativity of God.
It's mind blowing to think that he never runs out of ideas...
Everyone is different. 
There is no one in the world that is like me...

There is no one in the world who will ever be like my children.
As we move forward towards adoption, I have been thinking about my children's faces.
What will they look like?

The sky is the limit.
At least when you have biological children,
you have some guesses of whose traits they will inherit.
Me...Well, we have no idea.

So...I am praying fun things for my children.
Just because they may not come from our bodies
does not mean that they cannot look like us...Right?
God is their creator.
My kids could have blond hair...
Green Eyes with long eyelashes
Why Not?!
Tall Skinny build
You betcha!
Big Lips...

It has been neat to really look at people...
Look into their faces.
See a piece of my children in each of them.
See a piece of God in each of them.

One prayer on the top of the list... Our children must be able to make funny faces.
It's a Dean Requirement.
I mean...Just look at us.
Oh Dear.
Those are some faces.

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