Monday, August 12, 2013

Reasons to Rejoice. 5/18/09

We are officially wacky! God knew what he was doing when he put us together :p
Some squishy faces for your viewing pleasure...
Two of my most favorite people...can you tell why?

We have many reasons to rejoice!

Reason #1

God is matter the matter how huge the waves are around me. I can rest knowing that God is Good, and he is in control.

Reason #2

God put an extra $3000 in our bank account this week. Yes... I know it wasn't God who did it, but I am not sure who did...Sooooo....I am just saying that God plopped it in my account. He doesn't need my account number. Right? I have been praying a crazy prayer for $100, 000, so I think this is a great start : )

Reason #3

Brian's MRI turned out normal! Brian went in for a MRI this week... He has been having headaches for 2 years now, and with us switching insurance, it became time to suck it up and carry through with MRI in order to make sure it wasn't something serious. They just said that he has an abnormally large brain...Just Kidding! He is so stinkin' smart, so this is what I imagined them saying :p

Reason #4

I went in to pay off our infertility doctor, since we will no longer be needing his services. As I was driving to the doctors to pay the bill, I was praying and asking the Lord to lower our bill to $1000. When I arrived, she calculated my bill... It was only $780! I was stoked beyond belief.

After I wrote the check, the doctor stepped out and talked to me a bit. We ended our last conversation quite abruptly with awkward news, so he wanted to make sure I didn't have any questions, which of course I did! I asked my doctor, "Will I need to see you from now on to deal with my premature menopause or my O.B.gyn?" His response was amazing... He asked who my doctor was...I told him, and he says, "It just so happens that I am meeting with your doctor this week to discuss prematurely menopausal women and Hormone replacement Therapy. He will be thoroughly informed and able to treat you (which is covered under insurance!)" Coincidence...I think not.

Then, he told me that I won't have to take shots the rest of my life for hormone replacement therapy! He is recommending to my OB...a patch and cream that is natural...Hip Hip Hooray for no needles! I was not looking forward to that. Also, I will not need to go in until I have stopped my cycle for a total of 6 mos. in a row. This could take yrs to happen... Until then, my body is still producing enough estrogen. Hip Hip Hooray #2!

Ok...So it doesn't stop here. After this, I say my good byes to the doctor and go to get my receipt. She types in the computer and says..."Oh, look at this. The Doc. just went back and changed your bill...You now owe $480." My jaw is now on the floor, as I stand in awe of the goodness of God. Right before my eyes...our bill shrunk $300. Praise the Lord!

Reason #5...

I have fun pictures as a reward for reading my incredibly long post!

We got to hang out with the lil' Linns this week and the big Linns too. We had a great time at the beach on Sat. and a great time with the lil' ones this Sun.

I adore these kids...

We have a picture of their daddy doing this exact thing in our wedding album! Sorry for D's comb over...he has a gallon of sunscreen on and was playing with the brush...
hee hee

Lil' Climber!

Look who's holding a chicken...I love the concentration face.

We are buddies
Rejoice with us in the Lord! He is Good! I cannot wait to see what miracles lie ahead...

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