Monday, August 12, 2013

My Love. 2/14/11

Almost five years ago, in April, I had the honor and privilege of marrying the love of my life. Since that day, we have experienced many adventures as a married couple. Without a doubt we have experienced the ups and down that life and marriage bring. We have set out on adventures ourselves, establishing our own...becoming more and more one each day. Some adventures have brought great joy and other adventures have included great challenges, yet through it all we love each other deeply.
My husband is incredible. I know I say this because...well, he is MY husband, and you would hope that I would, but the reality is that he truly is incredible. He is excellent in all that he does. He is incredibly handsome. He loves me with a sweet, unbreakable, unconditional love that can only explained through Jesus. In times when I have not deserved love or even asked him to stop loving me, he has continued to pursue love me deeply. In fact when I have insisted that I am not worthy of his love he has loved me more.
I love the way my husband knows me. He seeks to know me more daily...seeks to understand me, see me more each day. It is and incredible thing to be known by someone. Daily he leads me to Jesus. I am one tough cookie, and I am often difficult to lead. Still, he leads me towards my maker. Points me back to Him when I stray off course. Bri is patient with me through my stubbornness.

I believe that laughter has been our greatest gift. It has carried us through some of the most dark times of our lives thus far. Daily I can expect to laugh with my husband. We have such similar senses of is scary. God has granted us the grace to laugh at ourselves, laugh at our short comings, laugh at our days to come.

Valentine's Day can be silly. It seems ridiculous that we would need to take a day out of our year to love someone. I would hope that I would express my love to him daily, without reserve, yet an extra reminder never hurts. Today, I honor my husband. He daily leads me, daily loves me, and daily sees me. I appreciate all that you do Bubbie. Thank you for always reminding me of what is true...1) I am loved. 2) everything is going to be o.k.. I love you more than the mountains and the seas and the oceans. What we always say is true: I wouldn't want to do this journey with anyone else.

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